A Steady Presence

We’ve just spent the last 4 months working with Brad on both the sale of our home for the last 13 years and the purchase of an exciting new house that we are already calling home. He was a steady presence as we rode the roller coaster of looking at what seemed like 100’s of properties, always ready to visit a property with us at the drop of a hat, hearing me argue (with myself) about a reasonable price, and providing his opinion at the appropriate times. And when it became “go” time to sell the old and buy the new, he was reliable the entire way to stay on top of the transactions needed to make both sides a pleasant experience.

We can highly recommend his services to anyone needing a partner to sell or buy.

I already miss the 50-60 daily text updates….and never once after midnight or before 5am. Thank you Rachel for lending us his attention for a bit.

And did I mention the best part? We’re still great friends…..